Mobialia Chess 3D for Chrome

mobialia_chess_chomeToday we are proud to announce the release of Mobialia Chess 3D for Google Chrome.

We used our experience with Mobialia Chess for Android to create the most amazing HTML5 chess app. You can play (also with Firefox) at


Mobialia Chess Themes

We just released an update to Mobialia Chess including themes for the board and pieces. You can check all the available themes at and install them from Settings->Theme.

Also, if you are a design freak you can also build easily your themes. A theme is a zip file (but with the extension changed to .chesstheme) that can contain one or more of this files:

  • playing_background.png: 1024×512 background image for the 2D board
  • piece_set.png: usually a 450×150 image with the PNBRQK images for the 2D board in two rows (whites up)
  • light_square.png: square image (usually 64×64) with the texture for the light squares (for both 2D and 3D)
  • dark_square.png: idem for the dark squares
  • light_piece.png: square image (usually 64×64) with the texture for the light pieces in 3D
  • dark_piece.png: idem for the dark pieces
  • board_border.png: square image (usually 512×512) to be used as the table for the board in 3D

The chess app will open all the files with the .chesstheme extension: to install a custom theme, you can open it from any android filemanager and the “Open with” dialog will pop-up including the “Open with Mobialia Chess” option.

Also, if you create a theme please send it to us and we will add it to the official page.

Happy theming!

New app: RBKube

Do you like the challenges?, if you do so RBKube is what you were looking for: our new game specially designed for puzzle lovers like you.

Try to solve the most mind-blowing 3d puzzles: Pocket Cube (2x2x2), classic Rubik’s Cube (3x3x3), Rubik’s Revenge / Master Cube (4x4x4), Professor’s Cube (5x5x5), Pyraminx, Square-1 / Super Cubix, Megaminx (6 and 12 colors) and Sudoku Cube. All in a single app, and with more puzzles coming soon!.

Share your times and compete with other players around the world with the integrated OpenFeint platform. Try to become the fastest player and show us your skills!.

RBKube is available for free on Google Play.


User circuits for Slot Racing

We updated our Slot Racing game with more cars, more control types (a bigger slider and a tap control) and more fun!

Now you can also send us easily your circuits and we will add them to our user contributed circuits page.  Press “Options->Send Circuit to Mobialia” on the circuit editor.


New Four-in-a-Row 2D and 3D

We just released a new version of out Four in a Row app integrating the 2D and 3D versions and adding other improvements like HD graphics.

We unpublished the 3D version and encourage our Four in a Row 3D users to upgrade to the new Four in a Row app.


Introducing the Slot Racing Circuit Editor

We just updated our Slot Racing game on the Android Market adding the circuit editor. Now you can use your imagination to build the most incredible circuits.

It’s quite simple to use, you can press a track button to add it to the circuit. There is a “save” button to store the circuit (if it is closed) and a cross to delete the last track added. The editor supports the “pinch to zoom” gesture to zoom in or out. you can also slide your finger to change the viewing angle.

You can raise or lower the track with two buttons (up and down arrow), but there are also two special tracks, the “up” and the “down” that are quarter straights curved 11.25 degrees (90º/8). You can also add the “bridge” decoration to any elevated track.

If you play via bluetooth on a custom circuit, this circuit is automatically added to your opponent’s circuit list, so it’s very easy to share your circuits.

Circuits are stored on the “SlotRacing/” directory of the SD card. We created a simple XML format to define the circuits, and yes, you can create your circuit collection and share them among devices copying this folder.

If you create a great circuit and you want us to include it on the “Simple” or “4 Lane” category, send us your XML and we will add it.

Hope you enjoy this new feature!


New Year, New Projects

We started this year working on our new game “Slot Racing”, a version of the popular 80′s and 90′s game. We already released a beta on the Android Market and it had 100k downloads in less than two months.

We are getting a great feedback of our users (and bloggers like Tecmovia) and we will keep improving the game.

About ELO and Move Time

Arpad ELO, creator of the ELO Rating System

Some people is asking us about the “ELO” and “Move Time” options on Mobialia Chess. ELO is an statistical chess rating based on games results playing against other persons:

Our Carballo Chess Engine has an estimated ELO of 2100 on a PC, playing against other chess engines. Those test results are shown on:

On a Nexus one (with 1GHz processor) with Froyo (Android 2.2) this sould be something similar. But in other (slower) mobiles may be lower.

If you select on the settings ELO 2100, the engine will be playing at his maximun strength; selecting lower ELO levels, the chess engine lowers its playing strength, introducing errors and reducing game knowledge.

We made some statistic analysis to determine the relationship between the errors introduced and the ELO level, so it should be something aproximated.

The move time is different to ELO, it’s only the time that the engine will be thinking for each move. To save battery the game does not ponder (think on opponent’s time).

Mobialia Chess now in 3D

We just released Mobialia Chess v4.0 including a new 3D board feature (in beta). It works only in landscape and this first version does not show board coordinates nor captured pieces difference.

At the moment we are using pieces models with a low amount of faces to be compatible with many different devices. We did some test with better models, but it was causing out-of-memory errors on low end devices.