Track my Followers

Who unfollowed you today?

Track your Twitter followers and friends (people that you follow) with this app:

  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts (FREE!)
  • This app uses OAuth, so we don’t store your Twitter password
  • List with followers and friends gained and lost
  • NEW! You can follow/unfollow other users from the user lists with the follow/unfollow button
  • You can also view your followers/friends profiles pressing in the profile picture or in the list text
  • View graphs with followers/friends progression (you need to have data from some days…)
  • NEW! Check your followers that you are not following (fans)
  • NEW! Check your friends not following you
  • NEW! Check your mutual friends (accounts that you follow and they follow you)
  • NEW! Remember who did you unfollowed in the “Friends lost” list (also check if twitter unfollowed some accounts by error)
  • You can also track accounts that you do not own from the advanced menu (press the app icon in the main screen)… yes, you can “spy” other twitter accounts … but you will not be able to add or remove followers to those accounts

Followers data refreshing is done manually each time that you press the “refresh” button a the top right. If you are viewing a twitter account details and press refresh, only that account will be refreshed.

First time all your followers will appear as gained followers (in green on the followers gained/lost list). On the next refresh, the app will check for your followers lost and gained since the last refresh.

The small green/red numbers represent the followers or friends gained or lost in the last 24h.

When the follow/unfollow button is in gray, the follow/unfollow is in process (and in some situations, like with protected accounts may not reflect the reality).