Mobialia Chess

The best app for chess lovers, with Android and HTML5 interfaces, and with lots of possibilities.

Play against AI

  • Selectable ELO Levels to adjust playing strength, from 500 to 2100, on 50 ELO points steps
  • Selectable time per move: changing the ELO and the time per move, lots of difficulty levels can be selected
  • Opening book with more than 30.000 positions: ensures variated funny games
  • Can undo/redo all moves
  • Send PGN by email: This way, you can analyze later your games on your PC
  • Graphical setup board, also can edit position’s FEN notation (*)
  • On closing, saves the current game and it is loaded when the application is restarted

Play online

  • Play online at (FICS) or (ICC)
  • Play as guest or as a registered user
  • Seek/offer match rated and unrated
  • View seeks posted by other users. Can sort seek list by username, rating or game time
  • Takeback, draw, abort, resign and rematch options while playing
  • Play, Finger and Observe, can also observe LectureBot on FICS or play ProblemBot/TrainingBot on ICC
  • Observe current played games in the chess server or follow highest rated games
  • Messages: read and send messages to other users
  • Game History: you can examine or send by email all your played games
  • Console to see server output and to send commands, also for chatting with other users
  • Timeseal (FICS) and Timestamp (ICC): avoids lag problems
  • Premove option: You can introduce the next movement in your opponent’s turn
  • Option to confirm the move before sending it to the server. Forward and Backward buttons are converted on Confirm/Cancel buttons
  • Supports wild chess variants: Atomic, Losers, Suicide and Chess960

Chess problems

  • 2900+ chess problems to solve looking for the best moves: problems collected by Uwe Auerswald, from Germany
  • Selectable problem difficult (Easy, Medium and Hard Problems)

Chess database

  • Chess database of ~3M games updated weekly from
  • It allows to search for players, events and dates from the section Database in the main sidebar
  • It can search specific positions from the board with ⋮-> Search position in DB
  • Searching a board position shows stats including, for each move, the number of games where the move was played and the white victory/draw/black victory percentages as bars
  • From the stats screen you can list all the games in the current position with ⋮-> Show games

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PGN browser

  • Simple PGN browser, allows you to open PGN files from SD card or from your email


  • Analyis mode in the board screens with ⋮-> Analysis
  • It shows the position’s ECO code
  • Supports UCI chess engines (*)
  • From Settings -> Analysis -> Analysis engines you can download and install engines from our servers
  • It also allows to use engines compatible with the Open Exchange protocol

A great  interface

  • 2D/3D board
  • Clean, simple and intuitive interface
  • Move by dragging and dropping the piece with useful guide lines
  • Also move by tapping the origin and the destiny squares or with the trackball
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Shows legal moves (as yellow traslucid squares)
  • Highlights last move (with a yellow arrow or a colored square, can be configured with a settings option), also move hints (as a green arrow) after a request in the menu
  • Many piece sets and board styles (*)
  • Shows a dot in the side to move and can show board coordinates
  • The material gauge indicates the material advantage using this piece values: Pawn=1 Knight=3 Bishop=3 Rook=5 Queen=9. Click on the gauge to show/hide the captured pieces difference
  • Shows captured pieces advantage (as an example if black captured 3 pawns and whites 2, it shows an advantage of 1 white pawn for blacks)
  • Speaks moves, checks and game results (*)
  • Different sounds for moves, captures and checks, also vibration
  • Option to keep the screen on while playing
  • And works on almost any Android device (also on Android-X86!)

(*) Themes, board setup, PGN, UCI Engines and speech are only available in the Android version. The HTML5 version requires a browser with WebGL enabled.

It is on sale in Gooogle Play but there is also a free version called “Mobialia Chess Free” supported by Ads with the same features.

It’s proudly powered by our Open Source Chess Engine Carballo, so any comments about its gameplay will be welcome.


Please send to all the comments, bugs and feature request.

If you’re having problems with downloads, installs, refunds, payments, or Google Play access, please contact the Google Play team through the Google Play Help Center.


You can contribute with Mobialia Chess translations at Those are our translators:

  • Portuguese: Nilson De Lourenço
  • German: Ralf Schmoll, Axel Gaiser, Jan Grüner and Jakob Piechl
  • Italian: Fabio Baiocco

Internet Chess Club

We are official providers of the Internet Chess Club (ICC). We develop the Official ChessClub Android App with lots of features focused on this excellent chess server. If you want this app to play on ICC you can get the official app FREE!.