New 1 2 chess! tactic trainer


We just release our new tactics trainer 1 2 chess! at

Training tactics every day is essential to improve your chess playing strength. 1 2 chess! allows you to log in with Facebook and track your progress, solving tactics suitable to your current level.

1 2 chess! includes thousands of original chess tactics from real tournament games played in recent years. The tactics database grows constantly adding new tactics from games played last week.

It also publishes a new chess tactic every hour in the Facebook page and the Twitter account @onetwochess.

This is a project made with our chess technology developed in the last years… by chess lovers, for chess lovers.

Linking to a database search in Mobialia Chess

Now you can link from external websites to a specific database query in the Mobialia Chess web app with Urls like:

You must pass the “?db_query=” parameter with a Url encoded value. Multiple values must be separated by “+”. This encoding can be done with a online Url encoder like

The link opens the Mobialia chess web app in the database game list screen. The passed value is searched in the player names, events, sites and dates.

New database feature in Mobialia Chess 5.3

One of the most important chess tools for a regular chess player is a chess database. Searching for historical games or certain positions allows you to improve your chess knowledge and to do a better analysis of your games. In version 5.3, we added this feature to both the Android and the web app. The database consists of millions of games updated regularly from Mark Crowther’s The Week in Chess page.

From the sidebar in the main screen you can access the “Database” screen with a form to search in player names, events, sites and dates:


And from the board screens you can search the current position with “⋮ -> Search Position in DB”. Searching for a position shows a statistics screen with the move played, the number of database games in which this move was played, and the percentages for white victory, draw and black victory represented with bars:


RBKube 2.0 is here


It’s been a while since we released RBKube, but we haven’t forgotten about the puzzle lovers out there.
We are proud to announce the release of RBKube 2.0, with some exciting features.


  • Complete UI redesign, following modern Material Design guidelines.
  • New puzzles: Super square-1 (2 and 4 layer), larger V-Cubes 6x6x6 and 7x7x7, Skewb Dodecahedron, Pyraminx Crystal and Dodecahedron 3x3x3.
  • Integration of Google Games Leaderboards and Achievements.
  • Tracking of best times for offline players.
  • Refactor of puzzle engine, making it easier to add new puzzles in the future.
  • Fixed some glitches.

More to come, we hope you enjoy it!.

Analysis mode in Mobialia Chess 5.2

Analysis mode was one of the most requested features in Mobialia Chess, and finally it will be available in Mobialia Chess 5.2. It works in the Android app and also in the web app…. with the chess engine is running in the browser!

Mobialia Chess analysis Mode

Analysis in offline games

Playing offline this new feature replaces the old “Hint” menu option.

Analysis in online games

Playing online it will be only available while observing or examining a game. It does not allow to analyze a game while playing because it could be used for cheating.

When a played game is finished, you can examine it with the “Examine” menu option and then start the analysis. You can also browse your played games in the “History” section to analyze them.

Openings names and ECO codes

The analysis window also shows the opening name and the ECO code ( The opening names are available in 5 languages and they also include the name of the variants.

The openings database was very big for being embedded with the app, so it is done querying an online service in the Mobialia servers.

Updated engine

This new version includes the last Carballo Chess Engine 1.5 with a great strength increase over the previous version, we worked a lot the last months in our opensource chess engine: ( In the analysis mode the engine works always at full strength. Playing against the engine, we keep the ELO levels 500-2100, but probably now it is a bit stronger.

A new design for Gas Stations Spain

gas_stations_iconMaterial Design is coming with Android 5, and we implemented some of their principles in our Gas Stations app.

We started redesigning a new app logo from scratch and then we changed the app colors, redesigning a new sidebar and then applying “ripples”, elevation shadows, etc.

Two weeks working in the new design that we are are complementing with other improvements in the price update and route calculation processes.

We hope you will like it:

Syncing Mobialia Chess HTML5 with the Android app

html5We spent the last weeks working on Mobialia Chess, porting changes from Android to HTML5 (at It also works now for Internet Explorer 10, given that Microsoft added WebGL support, and will most likely work on IOS8 as well, as long as Apple is doing the same for Safari Mobile.

Thus, we released Mobialia Chess 5.0.4 at once for Android and web!

Some features such as Themes, board setup, PGN and speech are available only for the Android version, but all the other options are equally functional in both platforms. Both apps share now the same changelog, and we will do our best to keep the development in sync in the future.

The migration of Mobialia Chess from Android to HTML5 was possible using our open source library GWT_Android_Emu, available at GitHub.

Mobialia Chess 5


We release today Mobialia Chess version 5 for Android. It is the result of many months of work improving the app. Changelog:

  • Now uses Holo theme in devices with Android >= 3
  • New standard actionbar with new icons and new menus
  • New sidebar in online play to access all the sections: you can show it sliding in the screen from left to right or pressing the top left icon
  • New Observe section listing current games in the chess server
  • We moved the old observe options to the new Observe screen: now you can “follow” the best games in each category
  • New Messages section to read and send messages in the chess server
  • Support for playing on the ICC Chess Server as Guest (requires two more app permissions to generate the device ID)
  • New Events section when connecting to ICC
  • New History screen replacing the old “Examine last game” option, now you can examine or send by email all your played games

As this version brings great changes, we provide links to download the old 4.3.2 version for users who prefer it (or users experiencing some kind of problem with the new version, but please send us an email explaining your problem). We also offer the download of the last version from the Mobialia Chess page because we found many pages offering versions of Mobialia Chess that are viruses:

Mobialia Chess Free v4.3.2 Download APK
Mobialia Chess v4.3.2
(only works for users who purchased Mobialia Chess)
Download APK

You can contribute with the translations here.

Online Play in Mobialia Chess Web


We release today a new version of our Mobialia Chess Web App with lots of fantastic new features:

  • Online Play at FICS and ICC
  • Chess Challenges to solve looking for the best move
  • A new start screen with access to all the new options
  • A new settings screen
  • Redesign with new menus and dialogs
  • Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Deutsch, Portuguese, French and Italian
  • Responsive design: it works now with any screen size
  • Download size optimization: we added a lot of functionality but reduced 1Mb the size of the app
  • Speed improvements: it does not perform well yet on mobile devices but we are working this way

We have been working hard the last months to port almost all the functionality from the Android App to the Web App.

Mobialia Chess is available as a Chrome Web App and a Firefox App, and of course, you can play at: