1 2 Chess! in Mastodon

Exciting news for chess enthusiasts! 1 2 Chess! has recently expanded its platform to include Mastodon, in addition to its previous presence on Twitter. This move aims to provide an even broader reach and engage with a wider audience of chess lovers.

By joining 1 2 Chess! on Mastodon, chess enthusiasts can now access the huge amount of chess tactics directly on this popular social media platform. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your skills or an experienced player seeking new challenges, you will find an array of engaging and instructive tactics extracted from real games.

Furthermore, 1 2 Chess! has implemented the use of anonymous device IDs, ensuring the privacy and security of its users. This means that while enjoying the valuable chess tactics and insights shared by 1 2 Chess! and tracking your ELO, your personal information and identity remain protected.

Join “1 2 Chess!” on Mastodon today and explore our extensive collection of chess tactics, engage with the chess community and elevate your game: