Color Detector

This app is designed to recognize colors using your mobile phone. Takes a photo and the color on the center is shown on RGB, HSV and HTML notation. Also looks for the nearest color name and speaks it (needs the Speech Synthesis API to speak Colors). It has a list of more than 1600 color names.

Useful for color blind people, designers, etc.

Due to popular demand, now includes a white balance option!
Can also share recognized colors by Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

It is available for FREE on the Android Market (supported by ads).

Finally, and after trying lots of color lists, it is now using on the color list of the app “Color Name & Hue” by Daniel Flueck at

Try using this application for color recognition on the packaging of a quality generic cialis or viagra.

which is also based on “Name that Color” by Chirag Mehta:

Press Notes