RBKube 2.0 is here


It’s been a while since we released RBKube, but we haven’t forgotten about the puzzle lovers out there.
We are proud to announce the release of RBKube 2.0, with some exciting features.


  • Complete UI redesign, following modern Material Design guidelines.
  • New puzzles: Super square-1 (2 and 4 layer), larger V-Cubes 6x6x6 and 7x7x7, Skewb Dodecahedron, Pyraminx Crystal and Dodecahedron 3x3x3.
  • Integration of Google Games Leaderboards and Achievements.
  • Tracking of best times for offline players.
  • Refactor of puzzle engine, making it easier to add new puzzles in the future.
  • Fixed some glitches.

More to come, we hope you enjoy it!.