Analysis mode in Mobialia Chess 5.2

Analysis mode was one of the most requested features in Mobialia Chess, and finally it will be available in Mobialia Chess 5.2. It works in the Android app and also in the web app…. with the chess engine is running in the browser!

Mobialia Chess analysis Mode

Analysis in offline games

Playing offline this new feature replaces the old “Hint” menu option.

Analysis in online games

Playing online it will be only available while observing or examining a game. It does not allow to analyze a game while playing because it could be used for cheating.

When a played game is finished, you can examine it with the “Examine” menu option and then start the analysis. You can also browse your played games in the “History” section to analyze them.

Openings names and ECO codes

The analysis window also shows the opening name and the ECO code ( The opening names are available in 5 languages and they also include the name of the variants.

The openings database was very big for being embedded with the app, so it is done querying an online service in the Mobialia servers.

Updated engine

This new version includes the last Carballo Chess Engine 1.5 with a great strength increase over the previous version, we worked a lot the last months in our opensource chess engine: ( In the analysis mode the engine works always at full strength. Playing against the engine, we keep the ELO levels 500-2100, but probably now it is a bit stronger.