Syncing Mobialia Chess HTML5 with the Android app

html5We spent the last weeks working on Mobialia Chess, porting changes from Android to HTML5 (at It also works now for Internet Explorer 10, given that Microsoft added WebGL support, and will most likely work on IOS8 as well, as long as Apple is doing the same for Safari Mobile.

Thus, we released Mobialia Chess 5.0.4 at once for Android and web!

Some features such as Themes, board setup, PGN and speech are available only for the Android version, but all the other options are equally functional in both platforms. Both apps share now the same changelog, and we will do our best to keep the development in sync in the future.

The migration of Mobialia Chess from Android to HTML5 was possible using our open source library GWT_Android_Emu, available at GitHub.