Online Play in Mobialia Chess Web


We release today a new version of our Mobialia Chess Web App with lots of fantastic new features:

  • Online Play at FICS and ICC
  • Chess Challenges to solve looking for the best move
  • A new start screen with access to all the new options
  • A new settings screen
  • Redesign with new menus and dialogs
  • Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Deutsch, Portuguese, French and Italian
  • Responsive design: it works now with any screen size
  • Download size optimization: we added a lot of functionality but reduced 1Mb the size of the app
  • Speed improvements: it does not perform well yet on mobile devices but we are working this way

We have been working hard the last months to port almost all the functionality from the Android App to the Web App.

Mobialia Chess is available as a Chrome Web App and a Firefox App, and of course, you can play at: