Changes in Slot Racing v1.1

It’s been a long time since the last Slot Racing Update, we were working a lot in this version:

OpenFeint was acquired by Gree, and Gree is about to close it, so we removed the OpenFeint Integration and implemented our own FaceBook based leaderboards. Why FaceBook?

  • Almost everybody has a Facebook account
  • With this new system we can have a leaderboard for each user-created circuit
  • Leaderboards are integrated in the “Finish Race” screen, showing your best time and your position in the leaderboard
  • We think that showing the user’s real name and country in the leaderboards is more engaging
  • User circuits are now linked to user’s FaceBook account, and you can modify them from any device

We added a local multiplayer mode, up to 4 players can now play in the same phone/tablet (depends of your device’s multitouch support). In this mode there is a number for each lane and players must press their lane’s number to accelerate.

This new version also has a new NASCAR-style car. As this is a very common request, we are working to add more cars.

Now user circuits can have name in the select circuit view, the name is assigned when you upload the circuit to our servers. Also, the new user circuits URL is, a prettier jquery mobile site.

Ads in the game menus are now smaller and we removed the ads while playing, replacing them by an interstital ad at the end of the race.

We redesigned the menus, stilyzing the buttons and simplifying navigation.

And finally, we also improved the underlying 3D library:

  • Solves some force-close issues with the editor
  • Solves z-buffer issues in some devices
  • And improves speed
  • Solves some multitouch issues

We hope you will enjoy this new version, it you prefer the old OpenFeint version, please don’t blame us, you can download and install it from here.