Mobialia Chess Themes

We just released an update to Mobialia Chess including themes for the board and pieces. You can check all the available themes at and install them from Settings->Theme.

Also, if you are a design freak you can also build easily your themes. A theme is a zip file (but with the extension changed to .chesstheme) that can contain one or more of this files:

  • playing_background.png: 1024×512 background image for the 2D board
  • piece_set.png: usually a 450×150 image with the PNBRQK images for the 2D board in two rows (whites up)
  • light_square.png: square image (usually 64×64) with the texture for the light squares (for both 2D and 3D)
  • dark_square.png: idem for the dark squares
  • light_piece.png: square image (usually 64×64) with the texture for the light pieces in 3D
  • dark_piece.png: idem for the dark pieces
  • board_border.png: square image (usually 512×512) to be used as the table for the board in 3D

The chess app will open all the files with the .chesstheme extension: to install a custom theme, you can open it from any android filemanager and the “Open with” dialog will pop-up including the “Open with Mobialia Chess” option.

Also, if you create a theme please send it to us and we will add it to the official page.

Happy theming!